• Keyden Smith-Herold

Be Proud That You Are an American

Photo: Julio Cortez |AP/2015

The United States of America is the greatest country in the history of mankind.

America is the first country founded on an idea: self-governance and that all men are created equal. Our Founding Fathers acknowledged this and constructed a country with the understanding that the citizen has God-Given, inherent rights.

Many of our founders rightly understood that government needed to be instituted to solely protect life, liberty, and property. These great men understood that these inalienable rights should and can never, under any circumstance, be taken away.

This is why the governmental and moral fabric of our country cherishes limited government, separation of powers, and the Lockean framework of rights. Without these principles being inculcated in the structure of this nation, our government is at risk of being unrestricted and without checks on its power. As history shows, an unimpeded government inevitably leads to tyranny.

There are too many individuals today who wrongly believe that government gives us our rights, which clearly allows the state to take them away. There are far too many people in America who wrongly despise this country, and think it is inherently bad and flawed.

Recent polls show that quite a large number of people are unpatriotic, even some stating that they will not celebrate our country’s Independence Day. These people wrongly state that this great country was founded on the principles of white supremacy, slavery, and oppression.

The exact opposite is true: The United States was founded in spite of racism, slavery and oppression. The values, principles, and foundations which make this country like no other supersede any evils which existed at the time of our countries founding, or at any other time period in this nation.

These principles in which this country was founded continue to allow for a level of freedom, liberty, and security previously unknown to man. Our free-market capitalist system has lifted more people out of poverty than any other system drafted by mankind. Our system of promoting equality, life, and liberty, continue to allow for unprecedented levels of freedom and prosperity.

This country has made worthy moves to right the wrongs of our past. However bad times in this country have been, we must remember that America as her core is good and will always be good.

We can never judge the core values of a country with the sins committed by free-willed individuals living in it. We need to judge a country's core by its founding principles. For America, these principles are inherently moral, just, and good.

Far too many in America believe that their heritage, skin color, or gender holds them back today. They are simply fooling themselves. Yes, racism and sexism will always exist. As unsettling this truth is, we must understand that humans are naturally flawed and imperfect.

However, instead of pinning society's evils on America's foundational principles, we need to turn to these principles and live up to the standard which is clearly laid out for us.

Past sins of our founding fathers and of our society will never change the fact that America is inherently good. It is wrong to state that historical unjust laws and individual instances of racism and sexism which continue today define America at her core. This is what many people fail to realize.

If America is so inherently bad, then why have we been able to overcome our past sins? If America is so bad, then why were we able to use the same constitution our founding fathers created to amend and ban flawed actions and sins they themselves participated in?

Why were we able to ban slavery and segregation under the same system our founding fathers created? To further the point, who stated our right to protest? -- that same right many use to protest our Founding Fathers themselves? Our founders, of course. Do you sense the hypocrisy of the flawed logic?

Instead of focusing on the sins of our past and of America’s Founding Fathers, focus on the country that helped to root out evil in the world. The country that has given us a plethora of live-changing inventions. The country that has given us unprecedented levels of freedom and liberty. The country where our men and women in uniform have given their lives to protect us.

The country that has cherished free market capitalism. The country that has cherished the rights of the individual. The country that allows one to create his or her own path without government interference.

The country that was founded on an idea.


Keyden Smith-Herold is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Analytical. Contact him: info@dailyanalytical.com