• Keyden Smith-Herold

The Illogical Assumption that Black People Cannot Be Racist

Photo: Digital Vision Via Getty Images

A widespread belief amongst American black people needs to be addressed— that they are incapable of racism. Many black people in America today believe that somehow only white people are capable of racism, which is an asinine claim.

Let’s look at the textbook/dictionary definition of racism. Racism is the belief that one’s race is superior to another or all other race(s) — a belief that yields discrimination or antagonistic thoughts and actions toward an individual of another race. This means black people are completely capable of being racist, as the definition is one race that believes in racial superiority. One that believes black people are incapable of racism are doing one of two things (whether they recognize it or not).

1. Saying black people are incapable of racism is denying that “black” is a race, since the definition of racism (as stated twice above) revolves around someone claiming that people of their own race are superior to all other races.

If black people are incapable of racism, then is one arguing they are not a race? By that logic, liberal government and social programs aimed at black people do not make sense as there is no such thing as a “black race”, or “people” to be the recipients of these policies. Holding this point of view is too ignorant that one is more likely to be guilty of the following:

2. The idea that black people are incapable of racism is a racist idea in itself— It is self-contradictory to the highest degree. Claiming that one race is incapable of racism means that race must have a level of superiority and advantage that other races simply do not have.

Those who believe this imply that they are morally and mentally incapable of racism. Does this show admittance of being mentally inept? Or is it inflating an entire group of people’s moral capability to the level of making oneself immune to racism? It’s clearly the latter, as no one goes around praising their own stupidity.

This all shows the vile way radical left ideology affects something which used to be universally known as common sense —that racism is not one sided. The mental shift to racism being one sided is a recent phenomenon, as now many black people will state the definition of racism to be a majority race oppressing minority groups, instead of one believing a race is superior to another.

One cannot change the definition of racism to fit one’s agenda. Just because one wants to believe that “all white people are evil”, that we must fight against the “deeply racist, white supremacist ridden America”, the “evil patriarchy”, and “systemic racism” certainly does not make any of these assertions true. One is entitled to believing what they want, but they are not entitled to their own truths. There is the truth, and there is what people perceive to be the truth. Big difference.

The biggest flaw in this idea of black people being incapable of racism is that it wholly and completely denies the idea of the individual. The “individual” doesn’t exist in this mindset, as people only belong to groups and tribes that revolve around skin color and must think identically. This mindset denies that each and every person is an individual, capable of thinking for themselves.

Instead it tells people that they are a part of a whole, a collective, a tribe, and must think and act like a cog in a machine. The notion that black people must think the same way politically, are incapable of racism, and are in a society that is “out to get them” is a product of grouping individuals together. Instead of labeling, society must view people as a human who happens to have a certain skin color.

If one applies the idea of “race” to Aristotelian philosophy, it is an “accidental” element -- an element that does not affect the essence of a person. In other words, one’s skin color is as irrelevant to one’s “humanness” or humanity as the color red is to a car.

The red color of a car does not affect or change the fact that it is a car. The color of one’s skin should have no bearing on the character of the individual, in much the same way the color of a car has no bearing on how the vehicle performs. That same logic should be used when contemplating race.

It is obviously ignorant and immoral to deny someone's humanity and demonize them based off of their race. However, it is equally disgusting to claim an entire group of people’s moral capabilities are above all other races.


Keyden Smith-Herold is the Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Analytical, (dailyanalytical.com) a brand new publication.