• Keyden Smith-Herold

We Need Voter ID Laws

Photo: Map of 2016 election (county) created by Magog the Ogre via Wikimedia

At a Florida rally Tuesday night, President Trump showed support for the popular conservative position of Voter ID laws. Conservatives champion the idea, as it would eliminate the fears and the realities of voter fraud.

Of course, those on the left immediately called the President a “white nationalist” and asserted that he wanted to “suppress black votes”. This is one of their disingenuous political tactics.

One can deduce from their widespread sentiments that the left believes minorities are incapable of obtaining an ID simply because of their skin color. One can also tell that they believe the way a person looks renders the competency and ability of that person. If they did not hold these mantras to be true, the “issue” of voter ID's would not be a problem to begin with.

Remember: The ideology of leftism voraciously opposes the principles of individualism. A person must think and operate in regard to his or her assigned “group identity”. The left tells minorities that they are somehow incapable of getting an ID — and demonize those on the right who champion the individual and think exactly the opposite.

The debate about Voter ID laws is all about manufacturing outrage in order to produce dependency. Leftists make minorities feel that they have to be dependent on the Democratic party, as they falsely paint conservative Republicans as racist, sexist, ad infinitum.

The left lies to minorities by manufacturing 21st century oppression in order to create policies such as affirmative action. Why? It keeps certain groups politically dependent, and falsely paints the opposing party as the enemy.

In California, non-citizens can easily register to vote and cast ballots. It doesn't matter that absentee ballots have been mailed out to those who did not ask for them, increasing the risk of stolen and fraudulent ballots. The urge to manufacture Voter ID tied racism is too strong.

Minorities need ID’s in order to purchase a house, fly commercially, drive, buy alcohol, get married, donate blood, ad infinitum. If requiring an ID to vote suppresses them, then using the same logic, minorities are unable to participate in any of the above activities. This is obviously not the case.

Voters need to realize that the opposition to Voter ID laws are not based on actual statistics, but rather emotion and disingenuous political tactics.


Keyden Smith-Herold is the Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Analytical, (dailyanalytical.com) a brand new publication.