• Keyden Smith-Herold

The Media Must Stop Giving White Nationalists Wall to Wall Coverage

Photo: (Steve Helber / AP)

The “Unite the Right” rally held in D.C. last weekend was one of the most highly anticipated events of the year. People and the media were warning D.C. residents of this supposed big event, where hundreds of white nationalists would swarm the city streets, spewing horrible hate and vitriol.

Hundreds, if not thousands of counter protestors filled the streets, ready to march against the white nationalists.

And then the moment of truth-- 20 foolish white nationalists, not even enough people to fill a small bus, marched to the White House. The event was over before most people knew it.

Counter protestors, specifically groups like ‘Antifa’, and ‘Black Lives Matter’, occupied the streets the entire day, screaming expletives in the faces of police and other law enforcement officers. People chanted egregious statements like “F— the police”, “all cops are racist”, and “no border, no wall, no USA at all”.

What did the mainstream media call these radicals? “Anti-Hate groups”.

Although white nationalists should be condemned to the highest degree, there is an unquestionable radical group of the left that is growing rapidly— a group that hates everything America stands for. These individuals believe America is deeply racist, unjust, and contemptible. They want this country, the greatest country in the history of mankind, to be destroyed.

These groups are the same individuals who want to censor the past by tearing down confederate monuments. They don’t care that we must preserve history, no matter ugly it was. As radio and TV host Laura Ingraham says, “If you censor the past, you can’t learn from the past. You don’t learn from the past if you obliterate the past.”

These radical leftists are also infamous for calling anyone who disagrees with them racist, sexist, homophobic, bigoted, and/or any other popular leftist name calling term. They operate on asinine theories such as identity politics, intersectionality, the false idea of “social justice”, and socialism-- an ideology which has led to the death of millions.

The mainstream media and those who push the narrative are mostly responsible for inflaming tensions in this country. The media purposely mislead individuals by calling these radical leftist groups “anti-hate”.

Why the wall to wall coverage on 20 white nationalists who don’t deserve this type of platform? Because the media want American citizens to believe that this is “Trump’s America”. They use an insignificant event, knowing their reporting will cause thousands of counter protestors to appear, to make it seem as if racial tensions in this country are at an all time high.

The mainstream media and the left want you to be angry, upset, and scared when seeing an event like this.

The views of these 20 individuals are by no means representative of any large swath of the country. The media wants you to believe that white nationalist fringe groups are growing mainstream— and that it’s all President Trump’s fault.

By inflating the relevance and exposure of these 20 white nationalists, the mainstream media shape a false narrative of the President and his administration — that they are all racist and that they caused individuals like these to rear their heads. It’s the exact opposite. The media’s TV cameras and wall to wall coverage make it seem like tensions are worse than they are.

Do people honestly think that the Trump Administration created these white nationalists? That the 2016 election converted people to white supremacy?

This is why Donald Trump won. Americans ought to see through the tactics of the media and how they help escalate tensions. Radical leftists do not realize that their schemes are driving moderates, and potentially those on the other side, into Donald Trump’s camp.


Keyden Smith-Herold is the Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Analytical, (dailyanalytical.com) a brand new publication.