• Keyden Smith-Herold

Two Ridiculous Stories Circulating Around Thanksgiving

U.S. border patrol agents at the San Ysidro port of entry between Tijuana and San Diego on Sunday. Photo: Tomas Ayuso/Bloomberg News

The Migrant Caravan Storming the U.S. Border

On Sunday, many Central American migrants tried storming the California port of entry in Tijuana, Mexico. According to the Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen, some migrants tried breaching the border fence and tried throwing projectiles at border personnel.

She later released a statement in which she said that the Trump Administration "warned about the danger of the caravan" and that they are "prepared to address it with additional personnel and DOD deployments."

According to the AP, U.S. agents fired tear gas into the mob and the authorities temporarily shut down the border. U.S. cars from this specific port are not allowed to enter Mexico due to the danger.

The migrants were demanding to be let into the United States, citing horrible living conditions in Mexico while they wait to be processed. After the incident, Mexico deported 100 individuals who were tied to the mob.

President Trump defended the use of tear gas on Sunday, stating that the U.S. border patrol agents "were being rushed by some very tough people", and that the bottom line is "nobody is coming into our country unless they come in legally."

Migrants run from tear gas launched by U.S. agents in Tijuana, Mexico on Sunday Nov. 25, 2018. Photo: Rodrigo Abd/AP

This kind of behavior simply helps President Trump and his message. When conservatives are criticized for calling these people a ‘mob’ trying to invade America, these egregious actions on behalf of the migrant caravan simply proves their point. The simple truth is that we cannot vet most of these individuals in the short time they demand, and moreover, we have a legal system that must be enforced— people need to come into the United States legally.

There are specific grounds for political asylum: fearing persecution from one’s government on the grounds of race, nationality, political opinion, social group, or religion. Simply having tough times in one’s own country, as difficult it may be, is not grounds to seek political asylum in the United States.

If individuals do not fit the criteria for asylum after being processed, they need to be sent back— plain and simple. Illegal immigrants who force the government's hand in letting them in should not be put above the countless individuals who have been waiting for years to be processed through legal channels in the United States.

Most importantly, simply allowing illegal immigrants into the country provides an incentive for more people to break U.S. immigration laws. If we continue to be soft on this issue, more individuals will simply jump the border since they know there will not be any severe repercussions— maybe a slap on the wrist at best.

Charlie Brown is Apparently Racist

Photo: 'A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving'

Over Thanksgiving, people on social media called the television short film ‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’ racist for seating the only black character alone on one side of the dinner table.

What those on the left fail to understand is that the creator of the show Charles M. Schultz demanded a black character be added to the cast in 1968 to help stand up to racism during the civil rights era.

Those on the left are quite prone to overreact in terms of anything they perceive to be race related. We as a society cannot keep making up false accusations of racism simply to fit one’s agenda. So what that the child was sitting alone at a table? Are we seriously going to philosophically and ideologically analyze a children's cartoon?

The important part is that the black character, Franklin, was added with good intentions— and we should leave it at that.


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