• Keyden Smith-Herold

Nike’s Disgraced Decision Teaches Us a Lesson on American Values

Over the American Independence holiday period, Nike decided that they would pull their American themed sneakers that were planned to go on sale just a few days later.

After shipping many pairs of the shoe to stores, Nike asked them to return the product without explaining the situation. A Nike spokesperson stated that “Nike has chosen not to release the ‘Air Max 1 Quick Strike Fourth of July’ as it featured the old version of the American flag”.

The shoe portrayed an early version of our flag created by Betsy Ross, an abolitionist Quaker. The flag has 13 stars in a circle representing the original colonies.

What caused Nike to pull the shoe in the first place? One man: former NFL Player and Nike spokesperson Colin Kaepernick, because he was offended. Kaepernick told the corporation that the shoes portraying the Betsy Ross flag were offensive and racist toward black Americans, because the design represents an earlier period where black individuals were not free.

The level of misinformation coming from Mr. Kaepernick is very unfortunate, as someone so deep in the public’s eye should know better when it comes to knowing veracity from falsity.

America as we know her is founded on eternal principles that are inherently good and true: All men are created equal, a government of, by, and for the people, and the creation of a state which protects inalienable, God-given rights.

The Betsy Ross flag is simply one of many flags which represent this great country. The prevalence of American slavery at the time of Betsy Ross, as evil as the institution was, is irrelevant to the meaning and representation that the flag gives.

All American flags are living representations of the founding principles, people, and truth of America. No society is utopian. In other words, having a grave evil existing in American society, at any given time, does not render American values, the American founders, or any of the American flags illegitimate.

Mr. Kaepernick is ignorant. He has proven time and time again that he does not understand that America is the freest, most prosperous nation in the history of the world. He does not understand that what makes this country great are the values in which it was founded— not our failure to live up to the values and goals we laid out for ourselves.

On top of this basic truth, Betsy Ross understood, as an abolitionist, that we needed to live up to our Constitutional principles. Yes, our founders themselves fell short to live up to their own values. However, this does not mean the values are verboten— corrupt and flawed. Can you name one person who is without flaws? Of course not, we are human.

Black Americans not being free in American society in the late 1700’s again is no justification to ignore the good of our founding principles for the sake of flawed feelings. Our country was not founded on any racism or white supremacy, contrary to the beliefs of many on the left, including Kaepernick.

Without our founding principles that the left despises, our country would have had no path to abolish the grave evils of slavery, de jure segregation, and lynching. If the United States were a racist country, none of these societal goods would have come into fruition.

Please, once again, for the love of what is good, spear us the false outrage about Betsy Ross. Fly your flags, love your country, and continue to promote the eternal Good of America.


Keyden Smith-Herold is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Analytical. Contact him: info@dailyanalytical.com