• Keyden Smith-Herold

The Hypocrisy of the Democrats and Media When It Comes to Sexual Assault Allegations


Two years ago, in the height of the “me too” movement, then Judge Brett Kavanaugh was accused of sexual misconduct by Christine Blasey Ford. Ford accused Kavanaugh of attempted rape at a high school gathering when she was 15 and he was 17. Ford stated that this alleged event had haunted her periodically throughout her adult life.

Ford’s story was not corroborated by anyone, she could not remember where and when the event took place, and the four men allegedly at the event said that this incident did not occur. That being said, Senate Democrats demanded an FBI investigation into these Kavanaugh allegations, and the hearings were one of the most contentious in U.S. history.

There were cries across the country of “believe all women”, and a plethora of protests calling Kavanaugh a “rapist”, that he exhibited “white male rage”, and that Ford is to “be believed”. Ford was then hailed a national hero with wall to wall coverage, even being granted a cover on Time magazine.

The Kavanaugh saga set two dangerous standards in this country— two standards that were bound to fail: 1) the abolition of due process, and 2) “believe all women”. The left completely threw due process out the door. The new standard became guilty until proven innocent— an inherently dangerous, anti-American, and anti-freedom stance.

The “believe all women” standard, upheld my many women on the left, including prominent politicians, pushed forth the lie that one’s biological sex makes claims inherently valid. This is obviously not the case, and society at large can never assume someone is telling the truth simply because of their gender.

Let us fast forward to the allegations against former Vice President Joe Biden. A woman named Tara Reade came forward accusing then Senator Biden of sexual assault and inappropriate touching when she was his Senate staffer. Let us compare how several prominent politicians reacted to the Kavanaugh allegations vs the Biden allegations.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY)

Gillibrand on the Kavanaugh Allegations:

“This process is sending the worst possible message to girls — and boys — everywhere… It’s telling American women that your voice doesn’t matter. It’s telling survivors everywhere that your experiences don’t count, they’re not important and they are not to be believed. We are saying that women are worth less than a man’s promotion.”

“I believe Dr. Blasey Ford because she’s risking everything — her safety, her security, her reputation, her career — to tell this story at this moment for all the right reasons.” Gillibrand adds, “If we allow women’s experiences of sexual trauma to be second to a man’s promotion, it will not only diminish this watershed moment of societal change we are in; it will bring shame on this body and on the court.”

Gillibrand on the Biden allegations:

“Vice President Biden has vehemently denied these allegations and I support Vice President Biden.”

The Senator then backtracked on her implicit endorsement of the “believe all women” mantra. She stated, “So when we say believe women, it's for this explicit intention of making sure there's space for all women to come forward to speak their truth, to be heard. And in this allegation, that is what Tara Reade has done.”

Of course, the “believe all women” movement was about believing women because of their gender. It is disingenuous to backtrack and state that it was simply about women being able to come forward.

Former Georgia State Representative Stacey Abrams (GA-D)

Abrams on Kavanaugh:

“After the courageous and compelling testimony from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford yesterday, it is shameful that Kavanaugh's nomination is being rushed forward. I believe women, and I believe survivors of violence always deserve to be supported and to have their voices heard.”

Abrams also stated, “Kavanaugh's confirmation will affect every single one of us in real, and even dangerous ways. Some of you are probably worried about what the coming days will bring for either yourselves or your family members. I wanted to reach out quickly just to say: I hear you; I see you, and I am sorry for what you are going through right now.”

Before Kavanaugh was confirmed, Abrams also supported derailing his confirmation due to these allegations.

Abrams on Biden:

"I believe Joe Biden.” She also claimed, "I believed then and I believe now that women deserve to be heard because too often they are not, and Tara Reade deserved to have her story listened to and investigated. What was happening to Christine Blasey Ford was that there was no investigation -- there was a rush to move the conversation forward so that no investigation was conducted.”

Let’s debunk this false statement. First, Abrams clearly changed her standard after realizing that the “believe all women” mantra could not be upheld. Second, there was an FBI investigation into the Kavanaugh allegations. To state that there was no investigation is a blatant lie.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)

Pelosi on Kavanaugh:

“Today is a profoundly heart-breaking day for women, girls and families across America. Courageous women risked their safety and well-being to speak truth about this nomination. Tens of thousands more joined them to share their own harrowing stories of sexual assault, at great personal risk. Yet, Senate Republicans chose to send a clear message to all women: do not speak out, and if you do – do not expect to be heard, believed or respected.”

Pelosi on Biden:

“Now more than ever, we need a forward-looking, battle-tested leader who will fight for the people: a president with the values, experience, and the strategic thinking to bring our nation together and build a better, fairer world for our children… “I'm proud to endorse Joe Biden for president. A leader who is the personification of hope and courage, values, authenticity, and integrity.”

She has not released a statement directly addressing the Reade allegations. Pelosi clearly thought that the allegations against Kavanaugh were disqualifying, but not for Joe Biden— her political friend.

The hypocrisy is astounding.

The Mainstream Media

Ford’s allegations against Kavanaugh received wall to wall coverage, as stated earlier. What about Reade’s allegations? Let this title of a New York Times article speak for itself: “Why Won’t TV News Book Tara Reade?”

We already know that the mainstream media are filled with hyper-partisan Democrats. Studies have shown that only 7% of mainstream journalists self-identify as Republican. There is no other explanation except the fact that Joe Biden is being protected by these institutions.

This does not mean he is guilty— he absolutely deserves the presumption of innocence that Kavanaugh did not receive. That being said, we must uphold the same standards even if it is not politically convenient.

The mainstream media and Senate Democrats called for the FBI to investigate the Kavanaugh allegations. Were there similar calls for Biden? Of course not. The New York Times Editorial Board called for the DNC to investigate the Biden allegations. Why not the FBI? Because the mainstream media is rooting for Biden to beat President Trump— a person they detest.

We all know the DNC cannot conduct a free and fair investigation into the candidate they themselves are nominating the next president of the United States. It is asinine.

What Democrats and the media are doing now is blatantly hypocritical, and it must be called out. The same standards of justice must be applied to everyone across the board.


Keyden Smith-Herold is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Analytical