• Keyden Smith-Herold

The Predictable Results of Demonizing American Ideals

A Shake Shack Restaurant in New York, the Chain Where the Incident Occurred | Noam Galai, Getty

Late Monday night, three New York City police officers were hospitalized after their restaurant drinks were allegedly poisoned with bleach. The NYPD is now investigating this revolting incident. Many on social media celebrated this event by cheering the restaurant workers and praising the establishment where this incident occurred.

The reckless ‘defund’ and ‘abolish the police’ movements have spread like wildfire across the country in the past couple of weeks. These un-American policy proposals will have grave consequences— and we are already witnessing the ramifications.

The abhorrent tweets cheering the potential poisoning of these officers reveals everything you need to know about the state of our social fabric. The mere fact that American citizens are celebrating this incident shows that we are becoming a broken people.

In this year alone, we have seen an impeachment trial, a pandemic, a country-wide lockdown, murders, and riots. Our cities have burned, our citizens have perished, our history is being wiped away for the sake of feelings, and our law enforcement is being attacked. Anyone celebrating this new development out of New York is helping to worsen the current condition across our land.

These anti-police crusades only point to the bigger problem at hand— the disgust people have for our virtuous founding values. We as American citizens have a duty to condemn and root out the evil ideologies appearing across the United States today— ideologies which seek to rewrite this country from the start.

Those who want to destroy and rebuild America into a land deprived of freedom first attack our history with the hopes that we forget it. We must condemn the desecration of our historical statues, monuments, and memorials. History must be learned from, not whitewashed because it offends us. History cannot be chosen. It must be acknowledged, and it must be kept before us.

Those who detest America and all she stands for seek to strip the power away from our citizens and into the hands of a new dictatorial government. Look no farther than the police-free autonomous zone created in Seattle just a few days ago. A southern border to protect our sovereignty is wrong but establishing a border around this autonomous zone is fine.

Abolishing our existing law enforcement which enforces our freedoms, liberties, and our system of justice is fine; but establishing an authoritarian zone with strict, communist-like rules is accepted.

This autonomous zone, while it might currently look benevolent, is the new vision for the far left. Interpret this zone as the “test run” for how far these radicals can push the boundaries without coming into contact with any intervening military force. The Seattle mayor failed their wicked test. She refused to send in the national guard to abolish this zone and called these people “patriotic”, thus greenlighting these anarchists to further push the envelope.

What caused our social fabric to tear? Why are we witnessing these unprecedented events in the United States of America out of all places? There are two main reasons why: 1) the breakdown of the family and 2) the inability for some people to cope with living in freedom.

The breakdown of the family means that certain ideals and values are not being inculcated. All it takes is one family member to change someone's mind for the better, to educate them on the good and evil parts of our history. We need more families to teach us to respect one another, our institutions, and our country. This is something the federal or state governments cannot legislate. It must start in the family.

As for the second piece of the equation, we are free. Americans of every race, color, and creed are freer today than ever before. Freedom is daunting. Freedom means self-responsibility. What happens when people are not ready to accept that they are free? They manufacture their own oppression in order to escape personal responsibility. This is exactly what we are seeing today.

This is not to say that America does not have problems— every land does. But across the board, Americans are free. The sooner we come to this realization, the sooner we can return to respecting our founding ideals.


Keyden Smith-Herold is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Analytical