• Keyden Smith-Herold

We Must Quell Mob Rule

A Desecrated Statue of George Washington on 6/18/2020 | Photo: Mark Graves

Ochlocracy— the rule of government by a mob, or “mob rule”, has the potential of becoming the new norm across our land. But this is not the first time our nation had to address this dangerous way of life, as history often repeats itself.

Third president and one of our founders James Madison warned against the inevitability of factions in this Republic. Since we are a land that recognizes our inalienable rights to free speech and assembly, among other rights, our citizens will indubitably have differing opinions about matters of governance.

Unfortunately, some factions will fall through the cracks and become violent, resorting to mob rule. Once this occurs, we must quell it, and remind our neighbors why mob rule leads to a less unified, and more dangerous country.

President Madison stated that “there are two methods of curing the mischiefs of [a] faction: the one, by removing its causes; the other, by controlling its effects.”

Let’s apply this sentiment to what is going on in the U.S. today. It appears to many that some within the radical left— a faction of our society— hates America and all she stands for. Many are using the recent reform movements as a cover to push through a revisionist history that defames our country, our virtuous founding principles, and our history.

The lie that racism poisons every fiber of America is dangerous. It provides Anti-Americans a false sense of moral superiority and authority. If America in her essence is bad— then, in their eyes, desecrating our memorials and suppressing our history is permissible.

If America in her essence is good and virtuous— and we know it is— then the Anti-American mob no longer has the moral high ground. This is why we must never allow these radicals among us to define the terms, as they will change, spin, and distort the truth to fit their agenda.

We must repossess the narrative and condemn every evil act perpetrated against our country— and we must do it now. A growing number of violent mobsters are infiltrating peaceful protestors and wrongly tearing down our monuments and statues.

Desecrating a monument honoring African American civil war veterans is no longer about fighting against injustices that occur—it is now about condemning America as whole.

By desecrating a statue of a Catholic Saint and calling for anything depicting Jesus to be torn down, these radicals have shown the majority of America that they disdain religion, and the very religious principles which founded this great land.

Mob rule was further perpetrated when people desecrated memorials of anti-slavery abolitionists Ulysses S. Grant and Matthias Baldwin. You cannot claim to fight against racism when you want to erase the memory of the very people who helped to end it.

We must condemn these attempts to whitewash our history. We cannot bring about an era where history is simply removed because it 'offends' someone. We must acknowledge it, and we must keep it before us. We need to teach our future generations of the good and bad parts of our past which shaped who we are today as a people.

President Lincoln, in addition to President Madison, also warned us about the dangers of mob rule. Lincoln discussed how the sentiments of those who wish to cause chaos will eventually manifest into actions. More Americans ought to heed his warnings.

If we allow the left’s revisionist history to rewrite America into a land deprived of freedom, then a dark period across this country will come to bear.

Over the coming weeks, we will see how these mobs plaguing our land will be dealt with. But whatever happens, we must remember these true words echoed by Presidents Lincoln and Reagan: America is the last best hope of man on Earth. We must fight to preserve our values and remind our fellow citizens why America is worth fighting for.


Keyden Smith-Herold is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Analytical